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RISC Technology is NVIDIA's first Elite partner for Latin America

Count on our experience in AI projects for education, LLM, research, healthcare, oil and gas, industry and many others

Why choose NVIDIA DGX super servers for AI?


Integrated Platform designed for AI

The NVIDIA DGX platform combines the best of NVIDIA software, infrastructure, and expertise into unified AI development solutions that span the cloud to on-premises data centers.


Absurd Performance

DGX systems are known for their massive processing power. Powered by the latest NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs, they deliver exceptional performance for artificial intelligence and deep learning workloads.


Ease of Deployment and Management

DGX systems are designed to facilitate the deployment and management of AI infrastructure. They come preconfigured with software optimized for machine learning and include management tools to simplify the configuration and maintenance process.


Robust Software Ecosystem

From AI workflow management to 100+ pre-trained frameworks and models – all the software you need to build AI now


Developing Cutting-Edge AI Models

With the processing power and software support offered by DGX systems, research and development teams can significantly accelerate the development of cutting-edge AI models. This could lead to faster advancements in areas like computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, and more.


Exclusive access to DGX Experts

DGX Experts is a specialized service from NVIDIA, offering personalized consultancy and technical support for customers using DGX systems. Composed of a team of highly qualified experts in artificial intelligence and high-performance computing, the platform aims to optimize the performance of DGX systems for specific workloads, solve complex problems efficiently and offer proactive support to avoid failures. Additionally, DGX experts provide training and enablement to help customers make the most of their systems, including best practices for developing AI models. In summary, DGX Experts is a valuable resource for maximizing your return on investment in DGX systems.

DGX in numbers

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