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On Premises

On Premises can be translated as "in the client's home". We are practically talking about infrastructure in the datacenter to run the company's applications.

RISC Technology has more than 25 years of experience in designing and selling servers, storage, networking, backup and much more


Centralizing and processing information on a computer network is essential for the technological environment of companies. Servers, as a structural part of the business, play a fundamental role in productivity gains and resource savings. At RISC Technology, we offer global partnerships with high-performance and security servers, serving different segments and company sizes. Choosing the ideal server is directly linked to increased competitiveness and the drive needed to improve your business practices. Typical projects: consolidation, virtualization, environment upgrade, VDI, etc.


An essential part of an on-premises project to interconnect all components with the best possible performance. To make this happen, we work with the best products for each specific situation (LAN, SAN, Infiniband, etc.)


Converged infrastructure

Converged infrastructure combines computing, networking, storage and IT administration into a single pre-configured system. This integration simplifies processes, reduces operational costs and allows teams to focus on innovation and new services. Converged infrastructure offers high resilience and rapid response to computational demands, with optimized and centralized management.



RISC Technology offers comprehensive storage solutions for companies of different sizes and segments. Our highly qualified team combines price, performance and capacity to extract maximum value from information with the lowest investment cost. With guaranteed data protection, our storage systems provide efficiency, flexibility and availability, ensuring that your infrastructure never becomes obsolete


Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery are essential pillars for business continuity and corporate data security. Another important function of backup is to protect against ransomware attacks.



High Performance Computing (HPC), in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI), is an approach that uses GPUs to accelerate scientific, analytics, engineering and enterprise applications. Researchers, engineers and financial analysts benefit from this combination to obtain faster and more accurate results. NVIDIA offers GPU-optimized software for HPC and AI, available in the NVIDIA NGC catalog, that can be deployed on HPC clusters, cloud instances, and workstations


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